corporate social responsibility

Because the devastating effects of “fast fashion” are all too real, we aim to do our best environmentally as we can.
We uphold this commitment in 3 ways:

1. High Quality, Made on Demand

We don't believe in volume manufacturing, much of which ends up in the landfill. Our focus is offering you high-quality apparel that will last. And when you place an order with us, your garment that is made on demand - for you and only you. No mass production. Less waste. Happier planet. 

2. Ethical Manufacturing

The facilities where our garments are made, practice corporate social responsibility to reduce environmental impact through energy efficiency initiatives, recycling programs and disposal practices that meet environmental regulations.
Our garments are fulfilled in North American production centres that support safe and friendly working environments, where employees enjoy paid time off and health benefits.


3. Eco-Friendly Materials & Construction

We do our best to use materials that reduce the impact on the environment, such as using biodegradable dyes and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) compliant dyes, and sourcing organically farmed cotton.